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Stylishly furnished apartments in the heart of the Dolomites

Enjoy the highest living comfort for a relaxing vacation in Alta Badia. A private sauna or a whirlpool with panoramic view ensure exclusive wellness moments.

Fire, water, air and earth provided the inspiration for our holiday apartments. Each of them is dedicated to one of the four elements, and this is echoed in the choice of amenities. It could be a hot sauna, a refreshing whirlpool or even both, as is the case in our airy Penthouse. All our apartments are completely furnished and feature a panoramic terrace oor a balcony with a view of the Peitlerkofel and Kreuzkofel mountains. As for the earth element, it is represented by our rich breakfast with products from our land – which can be booked extra and enjoyed either in your apartment or at the nearby Hotel Pider.

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